Team Mentoring Service

Eys looking through keyholeAll too often, organizations provision training to one or two people months before the individuals can apply the knowledge. The training is soon forgotten. All too often training is not planned to meet specific organizational needs with expected outcomes. Results aren't measured and positive effects are soon lost. Vector Frameworks' Team Mentoring Service offers better results because we assess needs, determine techniques, and develop training plans customized to your business goals, operational needs and project initiatives. As an alternative to rigid courseware and theoretical classroom environments, Vector Frameworks offers onsite mentoring and consulting services designed to the specific needs of your business units, teams, projects, and individuals.

Vector Frameworks' mentoring is "a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction". Using a versatile approach, multidisciplinary content, we mix and match content and techniques that are designed to match your business goals. We customize to your needs. Your training and project budget will be more cost effectively used. Since the content is suited to your situation, it will be both practical and memorable.

The Team Mentoring Service is flexible, specific and suitable.

Our customers include: Project Sponsors, Project Managers, Human Resource Managers, Training Management.